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Effective Beauty™

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Effective Beauty™

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Effective Beauty™


Effective Beauty™

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I am Björn Berglund, a passionate and multidisciplinary creative based in Sweden – working with clients both locally and worldwide. I mainly focus on designing visual identities, logotypes and lettering. My services also include your everyday branding needs. 

From small startups to large corporations, my work is known for a craft approach – I handcraft letters for most of my projects. The use of custom type guarantees you an artwork that is tailor-made and one of a kind. I strive for simplistic designs that are just that: unique, effective and at the same time also beautiful to look at. That is what I like to call Effective Beauty™. 

Photo of Björn Berglund holding Typism book.

My services

Some of the services and skills I can provide are: visual identity design, logotype design, lettering, graphic design, art direction, web design, print design, illustration and UX/UI design.

Partners in crime

I have a close partnership with a few great people that, when needed, complements my services: like photographers, film makers, web developers and copywriters. I am a member of Illustratörscentrum and Svenska Tecknare.  

Passionate clients

Some of the brands that I have had the pleasure of working with are Adobe, Perstorp AB, Friluftsfrämjandet, Jung Von Matt, E.ON, c/o HOPS Magazine, Magasinet Filter, Primare, Tetra Pak, Novo Nordisk, King Magazine, The Collector’s Hotels, Skanem, Good People, Beijer Electronics, Swedish Logistic Property and McCann Health. What they all have in common is that they are passionate businesses that value long-term brand building, craft and quality. 

Featured work

My work has been featured in CAP&Design Magazine, multiple Typism books, the LogoLounge 11 book, Illustratörscentrum’s catalogue for 2020 & 2021 and 100+ times in the largest typography and lettering communities (GoodType, TheDailyType et c).

Enough talking, Let’s go to the portfolio!

Selected work

I believe that communication and a well established process are the keys to a successful collaboration and outcome.

What you get when you hire me

My 10 commandments

  1. I will use all of my accumulated knowledge from 15+ years in the industry to create the best possible solution for your business.
  2. Clear and consistent communication – you will always know the next step in the process, when you could expect a turnaround, et c.
  3. You will receive high-quality designs that works perfectly in the environments/channels that they are aimed for.
  4. It is a collaboration and I will let you know if I disagree on something, and always have the project’s goal first in mind.
  5. I do not just design pretty things – I listen to your needs and provide solutions to your creative challenge.
  6. I promise to be alert and let you know if I notice something strange – like inconsistent writing for example.
  7. I will go all the way and craft the small, last details that makes all the difference.
  8. The outcome of my work will be based on your brief/needs – nothing else.
  9. Exclusive rights. You will always own the finished design – I only have the right to use it in my portfolio.
  10. I always strive for improvement. I will follow up on your experience of working with me and learn from it.

Keys to a successful collaboration

The process

A streamlined design process is a positive thing: you will know what to expect during the process and I keep everything efficient and effective, in terms of time and money. Since every project is unique there can be adjustments when necessary, but these are the basic steps:

1. Understanding & project start

The process starts with me asking you a few questions. After answering these I have an understanding of the project and can give you a realistic price offer. Once we have agreed on the quote we can get started.

2. Get to know your brand

This is a crucial step: I need to fully understand your brand to enable me to do a great job and create a design that is effective and right for you. The information you give me will also serve as a roadmap to help us keep on track, so that the design process is driven by the brand and not by a favourite typeface, colour et c.

3. Research & brainstorming

This is where my real work starts. I do research on the target audience, trends and look at competitors. This will help me create a contemporary and unique design that stands out in the crowd and speaks to your customers. I also brainstorm ideas and look for design inspiration.

4. Sketches on paper

I start with rough sketches of various ideas that came up during the previous step. I select one or a few of the best ones, which I then refine and send over to you. Based on your feedback revisions will be made if necessary and eventually there will be a winner. The winning design sketch will look, more or less, like the final digital version.

5. Going digital

The final sketch is scanned and traced to vectors. Often the accuracy at this step reveals some minor details that need to be tweaked. Until now the design has just been a black and white representation, but now it is time to colour it. The colours are based on your information about your target audience et c. At this stage the design is also tested across the various media where the design will appear. When the final design and its colors are approved it is time to wrap things up in the next step.

6. Final delivery

Before final file delivery, the last invoice will be sent (i.e. second half of payment). When I receive the payment all the necessary files – vector and pixel format in different color variations – will be emailed to you.

7. Feedback

I always seek to be even better as a designer, and it is important to get your feedback on how you have felt working with me. So, shortly after the final files have been delivered, I will send you a short list of questions. This is of course optional, but it is highly appreciated if you do take a few minutes to answer them!

Björn has designed the visual identity and website for us at Swedish Logistic Property. The result is everything we wished for, and now we have a solid visual foundation to build upon. Besides from being an overall friendly guy, Björn is committed, passionate and full of creative ideas. I appreciate the responsiveness and that he always deliver as promised. After completing the larger projects, Björn now helps us with our everyday branding needs. To keep it short; me and the team truly recommends Björn!”

Nicklas Schmidt,
Head of Business Development at Swedish Logistic Property AB

I loved the first logo design draft so much that I sent Björn a large bouquet of flowers. Björn has been a real pleasure to work with. He has communicated every step of the process and converted my rough thoughts to something that you can see, feel and fall in love with!”

Caroline Gustafsson,
Barber/Founder of Barber Art & Crafts

Björn was an invaluable partner in the visual redesign of the Primare brand, and he remains a vital resource for the marketing team in maintaining and evolving our corporate identity in virtually every aspect of graphic design. He invariably provides a keen eye and sharp creative instincts, an intuitive sensitivity to the needs of the brand, and a tireless drive to work toward the best possible presentation, with all elements being in balance, harmony, and proportion. More than highly recommended!

Terry Medalen,
Marketing at Primare AB

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