The visual identity for Two Tales

Folder mockups.


THE CORE Create a visual identity and logo for Two Tales, a newly started film production house.
CUSTOMERS The primary customers are other production houses, not clients directly.
THE BRAND Key words for Two Tales are Strong, Bold, Contemporary and Quality.
INSPIRATION Two Tales had a wish about using some sort of washed-out retro blue as a key color.
USAGE The identity will be used on business cards, stationary, website, digital presentations, social media, etc.


BIG BOLD & BEAUTIFUL The identity has a strong and bold look. I wanted a living identity that connects to the viewers. After experimenting with different looks for the logo, the chosen direction were a hand-drawn one made with a Pigma MB Sakura Japan brush pen. This solution has a unique driven expression with a clear visible brush texture. Combined with a clean sans serif brand font the identity gets an interesting bold look and a unique expression.
WASHED-OUT COLOR SCALE The colors chosen has vintage vibes but feels overall contemporary when combined together with the other elements of the visual identity.
FITS IN BUT STANDS OUT I have worked hard to create a identity that you can place branch-wise (i.e. it feels like a company in the creative business) but at the same time signals something new and exciting.
EASY TO USE LOGO The identity is stylish and clean, but at the same time also bold and strong. As every well-crafted logo shall be, the Two Tales logo is easy to recognize and remember, even in cost-effective one color print. Also it works well in the shorter monogram version for social media and other small size places.

“Amazing stuff as always Björn. Thank you again for everything!”
– Sami Joe, Founder of Two Tales

About my logo design process

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A deeper look at the Two Tales identity

Design process text.

Inspiration images.

Inspiration is an important stage of every project I take on.

pencil sketches.

Initial pencil sketches for Two Tales.


Brush pen sketches.

Two Tales brush pen sketches.

pigma mb, sakura japan brushpen.

Love this brush pen: Pigma MB, Sakura Japan.

Brush pen sketch.

Two Tales brush pen sketch.

Brush pen sketch.

Two Tales brush pen sketch.

Digital sketches text.

Digitalized sketches.

Digitalized sketches for Two Tales.

Final logo text.

Final logo for Two Tales.

Final lettering logo for Two Tales.

monogram logo.

Monogram versions of the Two Tales logo.

Identity overview text.

Two Tales brand font Nobel.

Two Tales brand font is Nobel. Main style is Bold Italic that works well with the cursive lettering logo.

Color palette for Two Tales.

Color palette for Two Tales.

Illustrations concept for Two Tales.

Illustration concept for Two Tales.

Examples of the Two Tales illustrations style in action.

Examples of the Two Tales illustrations style in action.

imagery style.

Imagery style for Two Tales.

Identity in action text.

Folder mockups.

Folder and brochure look for Two Tales.

Two Tales business card mockups.

Two Tales business card mockups.

site introduction.

Example of an introduction section for website.

digital presentations.

Example slide for digital presentation for Two Tales.

close-up of phone with monogram logo.

Monogram logo in action.

Stationary mockup.

Mockup of stationary for Two Tales.

the end lettering.

Example of complementary lettering for the identity, in the same style as the main logo.