Logo symbol for Plasten 100 år i Sverige

Ad for Plasten 100 år i Sverige.


THE CORE Create a logo symbol for Plasten 100 år i Sverige, i.e. celebrating 100 years of plastic in Sweden.
FEELINGS/TONE It should give a sense of celebration/jubilee, time journey and also include a bit of playfulness.
FOLLOW THE BRAND It would be great if the solution feels Perstorp Group, though it is not mandatory.
USAGE The logo will be used on the website for both Perstorp and Plastens Hus, on roll-ups, in social media et c.


POSITIVE SYMBOL I created a simplistic and strong symbol that feels like a milestone and signals jubilee and celebration.
POSITIVE PLASTIC The hardest part were to avoid connections to the “wear-and-tear” (in Swedish “slit och släng”) aspects of plastics. I wanted to highlight durable plastic, this is why I incorporated illustrations with famous plastic kitchen tools that stands during the sands of time. The illustrations also enhance the history of plastics and helps to give the overall composition a playful impression.
BRAND RECOGNITION By using the Perstorps´ illustration style, color scheme and fonts the solution feels Perstorp without being to obvious.
UNIQUE An all hand-drawn symbol ensures that it is unique and stands out.

“This is looking really lovely!”
– Cecilia Svensson, Vice President Group Communications & Sustainability at Perstorp Holding AB

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Plasten 100 år i Sverige, skisser.

Sketches for Plasten 100 år i Sverige.

Plasten 100 år i Sverige, rollup.

Rollup and isolated symbol for Plasten 100 år i Sverige.

Plasten 100 år i Sverige, close-up of symbol.

Close-up of the symbol for Plasten 100 år i Sverige.