Logo options for Eric Lobdell

Sketches x3 for Lobdell.

Logo options x3

Freelance designer Eric Lobdell reached out to me for some lettering logo options. He already had some other options for his logo but wanted to complete with a few more. All type was drawn by hand!

“These look awesome! I’m stoked about how they turned out, so thank you again!! I love your work!”
– Eric Lobdell, Designer UI/UX/Systems

About my design process

I have a streamlined design process. You will know what to expect during the process and I keep everything efficient and effective, in terms of time and money. Do you want to know more? Visit my page that describes my logo design process. (the same process applies for lettering artworks). Or, if you are ready to go – send me an email and we will get things started.

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Hand-drawn sketch for Lobdell, no 1.
Hand-drawn sketch for Lobdell, no 3.
Hand-drawn sketch for Lobdell, no 2.