Logo design for Pella Kommunikation AB.

Holding business card with logo design for Pella Kommunikation AB


The newly started one woman show Pella Kommunikation AB needed a logo. The main service of the company will be copywriting, but Pella will also offer consulting in communication. She wanted the logo to be based on her own signature. Her idea was to have “Pella” in a more extrovert style and “Kommunikation AB” in a more strict classic typeface. The logo will be used on business cards, stationary templates, website and digital presentations.


Knowing Pella very well, I intuitive went for a dynamic and clean hand-lettering version of her signature. Modern yet timeless with an ounce of 50´s design. Slightly cursive for a subtle feeling of drive and passion. Palatino Linotype was used for the text “Kommunikation AB”. The chosen color, sort of raspberry red, is warm, lively and alert. I truly believe the new logo captures the talented person behind Pella Communication AB.

“Spontaneously – I love it! It feels like me and it seems like you understand me!”
– Pella Persdotter Feldtmann, Pella Kommunikation AB

About my logo design process

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