Logo design for ML Bygg AB.

Logo design for ML Bygg AB


The newly started ML Bygg AB needed a logo. The main services of the company are woodworking, bricklaying and tiling. The company sees itself as a company that do properly work to fair prices. The logo will be used on company car, stationary templates, business card, website and clothing.


My initial thought was to have some illustrations for the service that the company provide. But since the client told me that he did not want to limit his business by just offering a few services, I went for another solution. I started to think in more subtile terms. The solution uses the clients initials in a 3D type style. The pretty bold ML shall symbolize timber, stability and right angles. Having investigating the competitors, I found that a strong red was the right way to go regarding brand color. A simplistic and yet effective logo that you remember and that stands out in the competition.

About my logo design process

I have a streamlined logo design process. You will know what to expect during the process and I keep everything efficient and effective, in terms of time and money. Do you want to know more? Visit my page that describes my logo design process. Or, if you are ready to go – send me an email and we will get things started.