Logo design for Greening N.E.A.R.

Logo design for Greening N.E.A.R.


E.ON needed a logotype that could represent the partly EU funded project Greening N.E.A.R. They wanted the logo to summarise what the project is all about: mobilitity of electric cars along road corridors (eg. highways). Basically it´s about installing chargers along highways so that you are able to drive your electric car also outside the cities. The logo should also give a sence of environmental friendlyness. Since the project lives it´s own life, visual style and branding didn´t have to follow the branding of E.ON. The logo will be used on website, brochures, digital presentations, prints, etc.


A logo design needs to be pretty simple in it´s form in able to be effective, and it should also be recognazible in one-color print. And still, it needed to involve all the clients needs. That said, this was a pretty hard task. After many sketches I found an solution of using an illustrated car, the road sign for highway together with negative space to illustrate the electric part. I decided to create the letters from scratch, I wanted a clean looking type with a feeling of natural/eco. The result is a logo that contains a lot of information, though still being visually attracting and not cluttered. It contains two layers of information; first you see the basic information and in the next layer you see the electric cord and everything falls into place. All of the type is drawn by hand, i.e. hand-lettering.

About my logo design process

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