Signature logo for Dj Primo.

Logo for Primo on mockup


The San Fransisco based design studio R. One Creative contacted me and needed help with a hand-lettering logo. The timeline was short, and the end client was a hip hop club dj that call himself Dj Primo. The goal was to create an logo with character and a mix of handwritten graffiti and pen style. The brief stated that the word “dj” could be small or even excluded from the logo. The end-client also liked upper case letters more, though open for ideas.


During the sketching part I realised that it was not going to work with uppercase letters. Even though the client were more found of these, the short name and its different characters did not give a lot of things to work with in uppercase. In the chosen solution, with lowercase letters, it were a lot easier to get a dynamic logo with attitude and a unique expression. The style got a very apparent handwritten signature style that suits well with the music. Been listening to the music of Dj Primo, this felt totally right. A very smooth project with an beautiful outcome!

“It was great to collaborate with Björn on this logo design: he is very easy-going, gives prompt responses, has reasonable pricing and he delivers high-quality work.”
– Marques Holler, R. One Creative

About my logo design process

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