Logo and badge design for Community Werks

Mockup of business cards for Community Werks.


THE CORE Create a monogram with a cool, retro, vintage badge design for Community Werks. And also an alternative logo with the full name for the website, marketing packages, apparel and business cards. Community Werks is a new non-profit organization, based in USA. Our mission is to drive the future through education, health and wellness, community development, and technology innovation. Barriers such as homeless shelters, foster care, parents in jail, and abuse can be obstacles for talented children, teens, and young people. Many young people have amazing talents that could lead to successful occupations. However, they don’t have ways to channel those talents and they lack mentors to guide them down the path to success. Community Werks is established to empower young people around the world to be successful, not just in technology innovation, but also in life. We want to build relationships with other organizations and communities to help youth and young adults find a place to be productive in life.
CUSTOMERS Start-ups, technology companies, urban communities, millennials and teenagers.
TAGLINE/VSION We pride ourselves inlifting others up in societythrough education.
FEELINGS/TONE Community Werks wanted a design that some how represents community, hard-work and strength. The goal is to have a brand that’s fun, and leaves a lasting impression when viewed.
USAGE The logo will be used on website, social media, marketing packages, apparel and business cards.


A UNIQUE, STRONG DESIGN WITH A LITTLE FUN I want to create a strong logo and badge design for Community Werks that signals community, hard-work and strength in combination with a fun touch. The pennant adds the community touch, the CW monogram visualizes hard-work and at the same time adds a bit humor. The CW monogram actually is an simplified person lifting the community (which summarizes the vision of Community Werks).  The badge uses vintage but yet still strong and contemporary colors. A unique monogram makes sure that this badge stands out and gets noticed. The monoline lettering works well together with the very expressful badge design.
EASY TO READ, EASY TO USE The badge design is consciously bold and simple in shape in order to make it legible, and easy to use in all sorts of media.

“Fantastic job, we can’t thank you enough. And we will definitely keep you in mind for future opportunities!”
– Brandon Gray, Founder of Community Werks

About my logo design process

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Community Werks sketches.

Community Werks monogram sketches.

One of the sketches for Community Werks. One of the sketches for Community Werks. One of the sketches for Community Werks. One of the sketches for Community Werks. One of the sketches for Community Werks. One of the sketches for Community Werks.

Community Werks lettering (on white).
Community Werks lettering (on red).
Community Werks final badge.

Community Werks t-shirt.

Community Werks Instagram profile image.

Mockup of business cards for Community Werks.