Identity redesign for Saxtorp Trading

Brochure for Saxtorp Trading.


THE CORE Create a more contemporary identity for Saxtorp Trading – one of Scandinavia’s leading companies for sales of construction machinery.
USAGE The logo and identity will be used on brochures, business cards, web site, etc.


THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MACHINES I wanted to highlight the coworkers at Saxtorp Trading, and their importance in the success for their customers. So, we did a photography session to create a image package with brand building images – focusing on the people behind Saxtorp Trading´s machines. Crispy images in an hard environment but with human warmth present.
HERITAGE The Swedish heritage is subtle present by the color scheme – yellow and blue colors. But to keep it contemporary they are more muted than the regular and more often used yellow and blue tones.
FITS IN BUT STANDS OUT As I usually do, I wanted to create a identity that feels like it belong in the branch that Saxtorp Trading operates in, but at the same time create a twist on it to make them stand out.
EASY TO USE The outcome of the visual identity redesign is a simple and strong identity that is easy to use.
FRIEND Photography by Niklas Thornblad,


About my design process

I have a streamlined design process. You will know what to expect during the process and I keep everything efficient and effective, in terms of time and money. Do you want to know more? Visit my page that describes my logo design process. Or, if you are ready to go – send me an email and we will get things started.

More images

Logotypes for Saxtorp Trading.

Saxtorp Trading wanted to keep the old logo, but we changed the color to the new color palette and also created three new logotypes for their three main services: Heavy Rental, Service and Trading.

Brochure for Saxtorp Trading.

We designed a new company presentation folder.

Type example for Saxtorp Trading.

Typography example.

Image for Saxtorp Trading.
Color palette for Saxtorp Trading.
Image for Saxtorp Trading.

Ad for Saxtorp Trading.

Ad for Saxtorp Trading. One key design element is the 45 degrees corner (see the blue box right corner) – that element is inspired by the same angles used in the logo design.

Image for Saxtorp Trading.
Fonts for Saxtorp Trading.
Image for Saxtorp Trading.

Brochure cover for Saxtorp Trading.