Everything is by Design

Lettering "Everything is by design"True that!

Everything is by design. This hand-lettering artwork was created for the upcoming New York based freelance designer Moshe Bien. This logo complement is the first step in the forthcoming brand launch for his creative studio. Moshe wanted a lettering style similar to my previous work: Logotype for Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey. All type was hand-drawn and then refined digitally.

“Björn is extremely talented, he has a unique style and the work is authentic and real. It was a pleasure working with him!”
– Moshe Bien, Graphic Designer

About my design process

I have a streamlined design process. You will know what to expect during the process and I keep everything efficient and effective, in terms of time and money. Do you want to know more? Visit my page that describes my logo design process. (the same process applies for lettering artworks). Or, if you are ready to go – send me an email and we will get things started.

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Everything is by Design. Rough lettering sketch.

Everything is by Design. Refined lettering sketch.

Everything is by Design. Lettering front.