Documentary title lettering

Sketches for documentary title.

The Search for Aliveness.

Vito Pellicano from the manufacturing company Tuthill Corporation reached out to me for a title lettering for their documentary series called “The Search for Aliveness” phrases. This is our sixth lettering project together. Tuthill has been on a journey for over 10 years dedicated in the growth of their employee’s personal wellness. After discovering their own purpose to Wake the World, the company now wants to invest more in the exploration of what makes people live a life full of Aliveness. Tuthill currently defines Aliveness as an energy, a belief and a way of life that brings passion to everything we do. It exists in everyone, everywhere. However, in today’s world that aliveness can be hard to find. The arduous routine of life can often extinguish our spark, leaving our passions, dreams, and desires forgotten. As children, we imagined we could do or be anything, but as we grow and learn many of us are conditioned to believe that the aspirations we had are impossible, dimming our spark, and losing the chance to live the life we were born to live.  My documentary title lettering design will be used in the film, website, social, tshirts, and etc.

“Awesome work as usual Björn. Thank you again for all your help!”
– Vito Pellicano, Creative Brand Ambassador at Tuthill Corporation

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Draft of lettering.

First of two draft lettering designs for Tuthill.

Draft of lettering.

Second of two draft lettering designs for Tuthill.

Final lettering.

Final lettering (Tuthill wanted a bit less curly/curvy lettering and also they wanted it to have less character to appeal to a broader audience).

Final lettering (inverted).

Final lettering (inverted).